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    Wandering tribes religion

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    Wandering tribes religion

    Post by Atriel (Hunter) on Tue May 12, 2015 10:31 pm

    time to learn about the elvish religion

    the elvish religion, ter'nervanion (pronounced ter-nerve-anion), is polytheistic religion consisting of many different gods and lesser gods and godesses. the main goddess, Nirissa, the goddess of the forest, rules over all the other gods and goddesses, favored form is a beutiful woman. some important lesser gods/goddesses include: Falion, god of the harvest, favored form is a humanoid carrying a cone shaped basket; Versilous, god of honor and battle, favored form is that of a great elven warrior carry a long bow and a great sword; Ervicyn, the goddess of honor and choice (justice pretty much), favored form is wolf (usally a weak or crippled  wolf); Garvion, god of the hunt, various different forms no favored form.

    to be continued...

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