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    kazarael forest and history

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    kazarael forest and history

    Post by Atriel (Hunter) on Mon May 11, 2015 11:41 pm

    the Kazarael Forest is the homeland of the wandering elves. The kazarael forest has two forbidden locations, according to the folklore of the natives, the Forgotten Tower of Alzeguard: a crumbling tower built by some of the first humans to try and settle in the kazarael forest, before the first Elven wars. and the temple of the forest, Feldrengar: a holy place for the elvish mystics which is guarded by a Frost dragon. the Bleringar River runs along the edge of the forest.


    Alezeguard was at one point a religious settlement of some human folk it was built on top of a location of great beauty that the elves knew as Whingradon, or Nyrissa's guarden in common tongue. the tower, or what the elves assumed was going to be a tower, was never completed for the elves were not happy with the humans just waltzing in and claiming the location of the greatest elven mystic location the place that contained the greatest connection to the gods. when the elves found out that the humans had begun building a tower upon Nyrissa's great garden, they instuntaneous declared war. This was the beginning of a series of battes that became known as the  Elven War. Alzegguard is now a place of mourning and despair, it is home to the many souls of the lost that died driving the humans from the land.


    Due to the elves superior knowledge of the forest as well as superior fighting style and technique, the elves drove the humans out of the forest. But it was not with out many lives being taken, the humans were ignorant creatures at the time and believed the land was rightfully theirs. After 2 years of fighting the rulers of both sides, elves and humans, came to an agreement that the elves would get to keep the forest and the humans would not return for anything other then trade. Thus the treaty of Ettersburrow was signed. this treaty did not come without a cost, many lives were lost, humans and elves (and the occasional gnome), warriors and citizens, men women and children; much of the forest was burned to the ground along with the tower of alzeguard. after the war the elves left there permanent settlements near the edge of the forest and set up magic spells to prevent the humans from successfully building anything on the forests soil. The worst loss for the elves was the loss of 6 of 9 of the great mystics.


    Feldrengar, holy place of the elves, very few elves have ever entered this glorious and massive temple that lies deep within the kazarael forest. Only elvish mystics chosen by the Great Goddess Nyrissa are allowed to enter.not much is publically told about this except that any who try to enter unjustifically face the wrath of the gods and goddesses... as well as the centries old frost dragon that guards the temple. Other then this next to none is known of the temple except that the Goddess Nyrissa herself is said to reside within the holy walls of this never aging temple.


    Barynom, or the hall of mystics, is crypt that only mystics and chosen mystic apprentices can enter its a hall of knowledge that also houses the bodies of the 6 great mystics lost in the elven war. the hall of mystics is a hall in witch the spirits of the 6 great mystics laid to rest here reside in spirit form passing on there knowledge to the future generations of mystics who enscribe the knowledge into the books which line the shelvesthat line all the walls except the very back wall. the location is completely unknown to all elves except the mystics and their apprentices (there are 3 living mystics and 2 apprentices).

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